Cutthroat Kitchen

Chefs are asked to overcome major obstacles and acts of sabotage in this reality competition.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Alton Brown

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"In this unpredictable episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, pocketknives and thievery turn this turkey dinner into a not so \"Thanksgiving.\" Then we'll see which chef gets burned when they're forced to make an edible French toast with burnt bread. And finally, one chef gets their hands dirty when they have to make a lobster roll without utensils."
"In this sadistic episode of savory sabotage, we'll find out if the chefs can make a winning pork chops and applesauce dish ... without the use of pork chops or apples! Then we'll see a literal meltdown, as the chefs compete to make the perfect mac and cheese. And finally, one chef has to swim upstream as they're forced to whip up fish and chips without use of a fryer."
"In this episode full of culinary curveballs, we'll see if one chef can tempt the judge when they're forced to make tacos with bologna. Then we'll find out who the real traitors are as the chefs try to derail each other's Eggs Benedict. And finally we'll see if one chef can hold it together while they try to keep their crab cake from falling apart."
"One chef is forced to use mystery meat in their cheesesteak, while another has to make cupcakes in a microwave oven. Also: Pie crust is substituted for pizza dough."
"A chef is tasked with turning snack foods from a gas station into gourmet ravioli. Other challenges include making burgers on a camp stove; and pairing fried chicken with giblets."
"In this devilishly fun episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, we'll see which chef is the most cold blooded as they bid on a chance to freeze an opponent for 10 whole minutes. Then, one of the chefs will have to wing it when they're forced to use some strange ingredients in their chicken wing plate. And in an exciting climax, we'll see which chef will take home the dough with their superior gourmet doughnuts."
"Things really heat up in the kitchen as one chef forces an opponent to create a perfect grilled cheese with a hand torch. Then, one chef might come off like a big jerk as they make an opponent fill their shepherd's pie with beef jerky. Finally, we'll find out how a fortune cookie actually changes one chef's fortune in a climactic egg roll showdown."
"In this episode full of culinary combat, the stakes are raised when one chef earns the exclusive right to salt their steak. Then one chef's world is turned upside down as they're challenged to make a perfect omelet on the underside of a pan. And finally, one chef sticks it to another as they force them to serve their bananas foster on a stick."
"All of the competitors throw their chips into the pot in a cutthroat auction, for the right to force a rival to make nachos without utensils. Then, we'll see how one chef deals with a flavorful dilemma as they must hand in their herbs and spices and use savory jelly beans to flavor their sausage and peppers dish. Finally, one chef shows true grit as they attempt to make shrimp and grits without grits."
"The competition gets rolling when one chef has to wear oven mitts to roll up his burrito. Then one chef gets \"served\" as they deal with creating the perfect pie using a pie server as their only tool. Finally, it's a jungle out there in the final teriyaki bowl challenge when one chef is forced to harvest all of their water from whole coconuts."
"Time to see how the chefs stack up for the round one pancake challenge! Then, times get tough in Cutthroat Kitchen when one chef is forced to cut their overflowing jambalaya ingredients to just five pounds. Finally, one chef \"meats\" their match when they get \"creamed\" (or smashed?) by the winning dish of meatloaf and mashed potatoes."
"In this comfort food episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, these chefs are anything but comfortable. Watch as one chef attempts lasagna \"grate\"-ness as they make an opponent grate a three pound block of Parmesan cheese! Then, there's a noticeable chill in the area when one chef denies his opponent the ability to taste their chili. Finally, one chef fights until he's blue in the face when he's forced to make his chicken cordon bleu ... blue."
"In this episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, we take it back to the classics. As the chefs battle to make the most be\"wich\"ing sandwich, things get switched up when two chefs are forced to swap their baskets! Then, sharing is anything but caring in the fiery barbecue round when two chefs have to share their cook time. Finally, the competition gets s'more heat when one chef adds s'more fuel to the flame when they force their opponent to build their own campfire."
Season 2 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"Things steam up when a chef is forced to cook an entire meal with a household iron. Then, a chef's clams casino gets supersized when they're forced to use geoduck. Things finally cool down in the kitchen, except for one chef who becomes extremely shaken up, when making an ice cream sundae."
"Things get messy when one chef is forced to wear a potato masher on their hand while making gnocchi. Then, one chef is turned into a handy man when they're given broken cooking utensils and a roll of duct tape. And finally, there's more than meets the eye when one chef's ice cream toppings are swapped out for some unusual imposters."
"One chef gets put in a sticky situation when their pot sticker wrappers are doused in honey. Then, two chefs get up close and personal when they are forced to share ingredients to create their best peanut butter and jelly. And in a climatic conclusion, it's fresh versus frozen when a chef must harvest their shrimp from a block of ice."
"Giada De Laurentiis guest judges this episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and is welcomed with a sweet version of a deviled egg. Then, one chef must avoid being canned when they have to create chicken and waffles with a whole canned chicken. Finally, we see if one chef can create a delicious dessert after their sugar is replaced with sugar cane."
"It's a tough dilemma when one chef forces another to choose between cooking with canned chicken or forfeit half their cooking time. Then, two chefs battle the cutthroat kitchen ball and chain when they are forced to share knives and tools. And in a climatic culmination, one chef has big problems with a tiny kitchen."
"One chef must get to work when they are handed a 500 watt work light as their only heat source to cook a quesadilla. Then it's careful cooking when someone is forced to cook chicken soup on a cookie sheet. And finally, Alton's bait bucket becomes one chef's main supply for a fish fry."
"A chef is turned into a potato artist when they are forced to mold French fries out of a vat of mashed potatoes. Then it's time to go camping when a chef must build a fire to cook a kebab plate. Finally, one chef takes more than their fare share of turns, while searching for chocolate for their chocolate chip cookies."
"One chef has their arms full when they're forced to do all of their ingredient shopping without the use of a basket. Then, someone needs to think fast when they have to start their huevos rancheros over from scratch. And one chef attempts not to get bent out of shape even though their crepe pan is."
"Two chefs must get creative when they're handed peelings or skinless potatoes to make potato skins. Then one chef goes island style when they must harvest all their water from coconuts to make pad Thai. Finally, a surprise party in the kitchen sends one chef searching for the right gift to complete their cake."
"Two chefs learn the true meaning of improvising when they're forced to switch dishes and sabotages in the middle of a challenge. Then, someone has to get innovative when they are given a loaf of sliced bread to use as a bread bowl for clam chowder. Finally, a chef is taken back to their childhood when they must harvest breading from chicken nuggets for their chicken fried steak."
"Four chefs return to Cutthroat Kitchen for more punishment and a second chance to outsmart and outcook their competition. Things start off with a blend when a chef gets to pulverize one competitor's hot dogs in a food processor. Then one chef goes back to science class when they're forced to cook pasta carbonara with a chemistry set. And finally it's anything but a day at the fair when a chef is handed a cotton candy machine to use as sugar for their brownies."
"Breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day when three chefs must find new uses for common breakfast appliances. Then, a chef must decide to go sweet or savory with their calzone when their entire stash of cheese is swapped out for tiramisu. In the final challenge, a chef is forced to downsize when they have to cook their fajitas on a mini skillet."
"Cutthroat Kitchen takes things to the extreme when one chef loses everything but a roll of tin foil and heat while cooking a dish. Then, Alton auctions off his compost bucket forcing one chef to make a quiche out of the food bits that are normally thrown out. Finally, a clothes steamer and iron are the only sources of heat for a chef cooking mussels."
Season 3 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"Three chefs are forced to come up with new versions of BLTs when their main ingredients are taken away. A chef is forced to make ramen without noodles and someone is slowed down when they get a little puffed up while making a souffle."
"One chef must use alcohol as the only means of heat; a chef must prepare a breakfast burrito in bed; Alton cleans out the fridge."
"Pasta art is up for auction in a pesto pasta challenge. A chef hangs loose when creating a Hawaiian plate lunch and someone gets their dose of sabotage when they're forced to use olive oil capsules for their muffins."
"Two chefs get up close and personal while making pea soup. One chef must come up with innovative uses for lamb shears when they're forced to use them instead of their knives, and someone's whisk gets supersized for chocolate mousse."
"A chef is forced to serve a hot version of cobb salad; someone must build their own kitchen from random items inside of a shopping cart; a chef is forced to make layer cake with a cement mixer."
"One chef is left skating on thin ice when their knives are replaced with a hockey skate. Next, a chef is in a bind when their fingers get trapped while cooking General Tso's chicken. Finally, one chef finds new uses for gardening tools to create their best carrot cake."
"Things get evil when a chef must tediously separate grains of rice to make risotto. A chef's patience is tested as they wait, and wait and wait for their number to be called at the Cutthroat Kitchen Deli. And revenge is best served cold when one chef must chisel their ingredients from a block of ice."
"Serving ladles become one chef's cooking vessels to cook French Onion Soup. The Cutthroat Kitchen Wheel of Heat makes its debut for a Blackened Fish challenge, and one chef's bananas are pulverized to a pulp for their banana split."
"The term mystery meat is given new meaning for three chefs while making Sloppy Joes. Alton's left over chicken coop wire becomes a big headache for one competitor, and it's game time when the carnival comes to town in the final round."
"Making a frittata becomes nearly impossible as one chef must cook inside eggshells. A yard sale box of old kitchen supplies becomes one chef's worst nightmare and one chef earns the right to shred their opponent's Steak Diane."
"The ultimate backyard grill suit is unveiled. One chef's equipment becomes all tangled up in fish nets. In the final round, claw hands are the name of the game for a barbecue chicken sandwich."
"The tables are turned in this special \"judges compete\" episode of Cutthroat Kitchen. Someone's tortillas are shredded to make taquitos. Then, two chefs are forced to purchase tickets to a meatball lottery. Finally, we see how easy it is for these chefs to cook with one hand literally tied behind their back."
"One chef is forced to perform a balancing act while they cook chicken pot pie. A childhood rhyme turns into one chef's nightmare and one chef must spring into action to save their cheesecake."
Season 4 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"A cocky chef is thrown under the culinary bus when an old breakfast buffet replaces his gourmet basket. Then one chef scratches her head trying to cook an authentic Pasta Bolognese in an Italian espresso pot. Finally, someone loses their milk products in exchange for a cow while making tres leches cake."
"One chef gets their hands dirty when they dig up all of their ingredients from a wacky vegetable garden \u2014 that grows anything but vegetables. Then one chef gets punished for trying to \"phone it in\" during a pizza challenge."
"Steak is cooked over a romantic candlelit dinner; one chef is stuck with a giant whisk as their only tool; and another competitor is forced to make a cake while walking on cake boxes."
"Cooking tools get swapped out for a set of golf clubs. Other sabotages involve Chinese chicken salad and donuts dunked in coffee."
"A jungle torch is used to cook a dish; and an oversized fondue pot leads to a giant mess."
"It's tough to smoke out the competition when forced to use a cigar cutter to make a cubano. Then two chefs get up close and personal when stuffed like peppers into a very confined workspace. Finally one chef must make a tiramisu using coffee filters and stirrers as their only tools."
"Alton hands off the Olympic cooking torch and one chef is forced to spice things up when they have their ginger replaced with sushi ginger."
"A chef is forced to cook soup using a single brew coffee machine. Later, chefs get hands-on when Alton asks for peace in the kitchen."
"One chef enters a phone booth and attempts to transform into a super chef. Next, two chefs get cozy in Alton's living room circa 1974 and then one chef attempts to ride a bike in the kitchen."
"One chef must make a lobster roll using a roll submerged in a lobster tank, and someone is given a rather unusual chocolate platter for their chocolate cake."
"One chef does as the Italians do and cooks while riding a scooter. Next, one chef pays tribute to a 1950's housewife while making a casserole. Finally, one chef goes the distance as they navigate a red velvet maze that stands between them and victory."
"Things get chilly when one chef must use freezer burnt ingredients to make a chili cheese dog. Then Alton's done it again with a pasta art masterpiece, but it turns out not everyone is art lover. Finally one chef feels like they're going around in circles when forced to use a spinning cook station."
"One chef gets a helping hand from a Buddha. Then two chefs help each other out by shopping for each other. Finally, Alton becomes the target as one chef tries to shoot for the win."
Season 5 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"One chef has to step up their game when they're forced to work on a traditional Japanese tea table, while another chef becomes crabby when forced to make a crab cake with a toy crab claw in one hand. Finally, a chef looks for a little R and R as they prepare all their food in a hammock."
"One chef is brought back to their childhood when they cook in a high chair. Alton's new magic hobby forces two chefs to share a giant saw, then a chef has all of their cooking vessels replaced with corn husks."
"In this special Halloween episode, one chef pays a heavy price for a deal with the devil. Later, a chef digs themselves out of their own grave while another does all their cooking over a hell flame."
"Chefs Susan Feniger, Jeff Mauro, Michael Psilakis and Aarti Sequeira face off in the first heat of the Cutthroat Kitchen Superstar Sabotage. The chefs will face sabotages including a treadmill station, a hammer carnival game and cooking in a conveyor toaster."
"Elbows are the perfect pastas for macaroni, so one chef uses a metal plumbing elbow to do all of their cooking. One chef must play ring toss for their calamari rings while another chef gets the jitters trying to use a coffee maker to make coffee cake."
"Chefs Nadia G., Brian Malarkey, Marcel Vigneron and Justin Warner face sabotages including a very high prep table, cooking in a popcorn machine and getting a hand stuck in a cookie jar."
"The chefs have to rummage through boxes to get their cookware in the first challenge. Later, kitchen tools are replaced with tortilla chips; and ingredients must be harvested out of a pot of honey."
"Chefs Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Johnny Iuzzini and Damaris Phillips battle each other and sabotages such as a floating prep station, holding hands with another chef around the kitchen and having their mixing and cooking vessels replaced by lemons."
"One chef tries to outrun a giant boulder of aluminum foil while two chefs put aside their differences and cook for each other. Finally, a chef loses all of their ingredients and must play a memory game to get them back."
"There's only one more spot in the Superstar Sabotage finale and chefs Melissa d'Arabian, Elizabeth Falkner, Alex Guarnaschelli and Fabio Viviani each think they have what it takes to get there. But first, they'll be faced with sabotages including hitting the slots for ingredients, harvesting cheese from a giant cheese block and cooking in banana leaves."
"One chef rides a chariot in a culinary fight for the ages and then the South rises again in a Civil War-inspired sabotage. Finally, one chef makes an ice cream sandwich out of sandwich ingredients."
"The chefs make: Meatballs Fish and chips Candy\n\nJudged by: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Waffle breakfast Empanada Lemon meringue pie\n\nJudged by: Antonia Lofaso"
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Season 6 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"In this Thanksgiving episode, three chefs make a mad dash for all of their cooking equipment for Black Friday. Next, a chef loses their cooking vessels and must cook in nuts. Finally, a chef parades around the kitchen in a turkey suit."
"There are two sets of twins competing for Cutthroat victory and three of them deal with some calzone re-zoning. Then, pirates invade the kitchen and later, one chef has a really sad birthday."
"It's a chilly chili sabotage when two chefs have to harvest ingredients from a block of ice. Then, chefs face the delicious danger of dim sum. Finally, s'mores are made after a chef shoots marshmallows at a giant target."
"Three chefs play white elephant to determine their sabotages for their ham dinner. Later, two chefs gather around the tree to open presents filled with their new ingredients. Lastly, a chef cooks their holiday cookies in a fireplace."
"Three chefs get sloppy as they dig for ingredients in a slop trough. Then, one chef has to grab their curry spices out of midair. Finally, one chef gets into a big, blue ball to make blueberry muffins."
"A chef wears Alton's ultimate poncho as they make a breakfast quesadilla. Then, one chef has to cook meatloaf while in a recliner. Finally, a chef has to walk on cupcake boxes when they make cupcakes."
"Two chefs have to cook breakfast as a tag team. Then, another chef gets to chop up someone's pork chop with an ax. Finally, someone has to cook an ice cream cone in traffic cones."
"A chef has to make breakfast has in a bunk bed. Then, another chef has to recreate Alton's hike out of the Grand Canyon. Finally, a chef has to make strawberry shortcake with long tools."
"One chef has to cook fish tacos on tiki torches. Then, one chef has to make pasta salad, using water that they harvest from a patio mister. Finally, one chef has to bake an apple pie inside apples."
"One chef has to make grilled cheese and tomato soup while in a giant high chair. Then someone has to cook orange chicken in oranges. Finally, one chef has to make granola using only the tools from the hiker's backpack that they wear during the whole round."
Season 7 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"Two chefs have to get their ingredients for a deli sandwich from vending machine. Then, two chefs have to cook each other's tacos. Finally, one chef takes a lazy sundae drive around the kitchen."
"The chefs make: Gnocchi Drunken noodles Thumbprint cookies\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"One chef has to use finger tools while making a bacon-wrapped dish. Another chef has to make lasagna while driving around the kitchen in a racecar seat. Finally, a chef has to make a black and white cookie while doubling their movements on a black and white prep station."
"In a speed round, three chefs have to make an omelet in one pan. Then, a chef has to get all of their oyster Rockefeller ingredients out of an oil drum. Finally, one chef has to use finger whisks to make a cream puff."
"Three chefs have to make a tuna melt with a glob of melted tools. Another chef has to cook Salisbury steak while standing on a \"high stakes\" platform above the kitchen. Finally, a chef has a tea party while trying to make scones."
08 Mar 2015
"Challenges involve making an omelet, oysters Rockefeller and a cream puff."
"A chef has to use only a martini glass while making Bahn Mi. Then two chefs have to get their tortilla soup ingredients out of a pinata. Finally, one chef has to bake a galette on a tennis racket."
"In a special springtime episode, two chefs have to make an egg salad sandwich on a picnic blanket they wear around their necks. Then, one chef has to herd \"sheep\" while making a lamb dinner. Finally, one chef has to harvest their carrot cake ingredients out of a carrot garden."
"The chefs make: Skillet breakfast French dip sandwich Rum cake\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"Three chefs have to make stir-fry while sitting in airline seats. Then, two chefs have to work as good neighbors to make chicken fried steak. Finally, one chef has to shop for their cobbler ingredients blindfolded."
"Three chefs have to make fish stew in a canoe. Another chef has to make pasta carbonara in a moving mine cart. Finally, one chef has to use a chemistry set to make pound cake."
"Two chefs have to make fast food while carrying around a cardboard car. Then one chef has to prep their scallop dish underwater. Finally, one chef has to make donuts on the giant donut that they have to wear."
"Three chefs have to play musical stations while making sushi rolls. Then, two chefs have to walk the fashion runway while making veal Milanese. Finally, one chef has to wear a pumpkin on their head while making pumpkin pie."
"Two chefs have to make meatballs in a ball pit. Then, two chefs have to make a teriyaki dinner while on a seesaw. Finally, one chef has to harvest coconuts from a tree to make coconut macaroons."
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Season 8 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"One chef must use a shark jaw as a knife. Then, two chefs must cook out of \u2014 and on top of \u2014 a suitcase. Finally, a banana nut muffin challenge that drives the chefs both bananas and nuts."
"Four chefs are fired up to be named Cutthroat's grill master. One chef makes a dish that almost tastes like chicken. Then somebody feels the heat while tied to a rotisserie. Finally, burgers as never before."
"The chefs make: French omelette Carne asada Baked apples\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"Host Alton Brown revisits some of the worst sabotages of all time. Included: cooking upstream; and canned chicken Parmesan. Also: making crepes becomes even more tricky."
"The chefs make: Spinach-artichoke dip Stromboli Belgian waffles\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Fruit smoothie Chicken tikka masala Oatmeal raisin cookies\n\nJudged By: Susan Feniger"
"The chefs make: Corn dog Peanut dish Funnel cake\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Huevos rancheros Pasta primavera Blondies\n\nJudged By: Antonia Lofaso"
"The chefs make: Southern biscuit breakfast Chicken nuggets Shortbread cookie\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"A chef gets hassled by haggis; a pair of chopsticks becomes a huge obstacle for someone; a chef finds struggles with key lime pie."
"Guest judge Cat Cora; it's all downhill for three chefs in a bobsled; Swedish meatballs; one chef learns that peanut butter and jelly isn't child's play."
"The chefs make: Vegetable soup Philly cheesesteak Molasses cookies\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
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Season 9 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"The chefs make: Pork and beans Skewers\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"One of the firefighter chefs gets hosed in the chili cheese fries challenge. Then, a burning buffalo chicken sandwich factory fires up the contestants. Finally, the chefs' dishes go up in flames."
"The chefs make: Pancake breakfast Steak dinner\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Breakfast sandwich Burrito Dipped ice cream\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"The chefs make: Barbecue chicken Sack lunch\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"Two chefs rumble on ancient Greek rubble. Then, it's the blind leading the blindfolded in a seafood risotto challenge. Finally, it's a head-to-head battle that's nothing but monkey business."
"The chefs make: Skillet breakfast Chili and cornbread\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"No description"
"The chefs make: Trout dinner Macaroni and cheese Camp dessert\n\nJudged By: Antonia Lofaso"
"Guest judge David Alan Grier dives into some breakfast tacos. Then, things get romantic when two chefs get hitched. Finally, one chef gets taken for a ride on the CTK Express."
"One chef finds themselves working around the clock. Then, someone makes gumbo by tossing their ingredients from a balcony. Finally, white chocolate macadamia drives everybody nuts."
"It's toad in a hole on a trio of funky pans. Then, it's up and down for two chefs cooking on a see-saw. Finally, one chef's plan for a perfect Napoleon is \"blown apart."
"The chefs make: Wrap Goulash Candy\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
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"No description"
Season 10 - Cutthroat Kitchen
15 Nov 2015
"A holiday dinner is prepared, during the first round of this Thanksgiving battle. Later, antique Pilgrim tools are used to make turkey tacos over an open fire; and a football tackling dummy gets thrown into a sweet potato pie challenge."
Season 11 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"The chefs make: Dutch baby pancake Bangers and mash Ginger snap cookies\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Party dip Beef tenderloin dinner Snack for Santa\n\nJudged By: Antonia Lofaso"
"The chefs make: Crab Cake Benedict Gyro Rhubarb pie\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Holiday quiche Duck dinner Eggnog dessert\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"The chefs make: Hawaiian pizza Shrimp stir fry Candy bar\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"The chefs make: Potato pancakes Tandoori chicken Crisp\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Potato salad Chicken cacciatore Doughnuts\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Breakfast pizza Jalape\u00f1o poppers Sorbet\n\nJudged By: Antonia Lofaso"
"The chefs make: Croquettes Yakitori Bananas Foster\n\nJudged By: Jet Tila"
"The chefs make: Pho Flatbread Cherries jubilee\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Chopped salad Tagine Cherry pie\n\nJudged By: Ted Allen"
"The chefs make: Chocolate chip cookie dessert Mol\u00e9 Chocolate marble cake\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"The chefs make: Cocktail and hors d'oeuvre Cashew chicken Tres leches cake\n\nJudged By: Simon Majumdar"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 12 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"Dishes: Bacon Dish, Burger and Onion Rings, Booze Dessert\n\nJudge: William Shatner"
"Dishes: Breakfast Enchilada, Bibimbap, Concrete\n\nJudge: Jet Tila"
"Dishes: Stuffed Cabbage, Shakshuka, Trifle\n\nJudge: Antonia Lofaso"
"Dishes: Duck \u00e0 l'orange, Glazed Salmon, Coffee Dessert\n\nJudge: Jet Tila"
"Dishes: Spring Rolls, Brick Chicken, Banana Split\n\nJudge: Jet Tila"
"DIshes: Biscuits and Gravy, Linguine and Clams, Ice Cream Float\n\nJudge: Antonia Lofaso"
"Dishes: Kale Salad, Poutine, Red Velvet Cupcakes\n\nJudge: Simon Majumdar"
"Dishes: Coffee and Pastry, Omelette, Bowl of Cereal and Milk\n\nJudge: Richard Blais"
Season 13 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"Dishes: American Breakfast, TV Dinner, Milkshake and French Fries\n\nJudge: Simon Majumdar"
"Dishes: Party punch and snack, Chicken Kiev, Banana pudding\n\nJudge: Jet Tila"
"Dishes: Hamburger macaroni and cheese, Quiche, Cr\u00eape Suzette\n\nJudge: Richard Blais"
"The chefs make: Chinese chicken salad Blackened fish Toaster pastry\n\nJudged By: Antonia Lofaso"
"Dishes: Barbecue chicken pizza, Fried calamari, Cookie dough ice cream\n\nJudge: Marc Summers"
"Dishes: Poached egg breakfast, Grain bowl, Brownie sundae\n\nJudge: Eric Greenspan"
"Dishes: Bao, Penne alla vodka, Sugar cookies\n\nJudge: Sherry Yard"
Season 14 - Cutthroat Kitchen
"Dishes: Scramble, Meat and potatoes, Dessert pancakes\n\nJudge: Jet Tila"
"Dishes: Hunter's stew, Trail lunch, Skillet cookie\n\nJudge: Antonia Lofaso"
"Dishes: Waffle breakfast, Grilled fish, Fruit crumble\n\nJudge: Simon Majumdar"
"Dishes: Breakfast burrito, Burger, Trail mix dessert\n\nJudge: Richard Blais"