Dead Set on Life

Dead Set on Life is a culinary travel show from the mind of Matty Matheson: a boisterously warm Canadian chef. From $6 subs at gas stations to the most sought-after ingredients on the planet-Matty eats it all, with friends new and old..

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Matty Matheson

Country: Canada

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Dead Set on Life
"Matty takes his mentor Rang Nguyen back to his hometown and down memory lane, showing us where he came from the how he became the chef he is today."
"Canadian Chef Matty Matheson checks out Ontario Farms, Perth Pork and Y. U. Ranch and throws an epic BBQ for his friends at his parent's house in Stratford, Ontario."
"Canadian Chef Matty Matheson heads to Winnipeg and hosted by Ron and \"Hot Rod\" Cantiveros learns how to make Longanisa sausages and cooks at a traditional Filipino Boodle Fight."
"Invited by the Long Plain First Nation Reserve, Matty travels to Portage La Prairie as a guest of their annual Pow Wow. He participates in a sweat lodge, and learns to Fancy Dance."
"Matty meets Ivan Smith, the Bison Whisperer in Alberta and learns the ins-and-outs of raising bison. Matty travels to meet up with Chef Edgar Gutierrez for an off-road adventure."
"Matty goes to Saskatchewan for the Great Prairie Feast. Then he heads to a cabin for a wild weekend of duck hunting and blowing shit up."
"Rang and Matty pick up where they left off in Episode One but this time in Newfoundland. The dynamic duo\u2019s tour ends up with moose hunting."
Season 2 - Dead Set on Life
"In the second-season premiere, Matty and Rang visit Rang's hometown in southern Vietnam, where Matty meets his family and learns the story of how he immigrated to Canada."
"Matty and Rang travel to Hanoi to check out the growing restaurant scene. Later, the guys meet with French ex-pats to sample French-inspired Vietnamese food."
"French Canadians are known for having a strong cultural identity. Matty investigates the uniqueness of Quebecois culture through a number of unusual subcultures, including LARPing!"
"Matty travels to New Orleans to witness two different Mardi Gras celebrations, Lundi Gras in the Lower Ninth Ward and Cajun Mardi Gras in Lafayette Square."
"Matty visits one of the oldest Jewish communities in Canada. Then \"Hipster Rabbi\" takes Matty on a tour of Montreal's kosher-food spots."
"Matty visits an Inuit community in the Arctic, where he learns about how high food costs are impacting their traditions."
"Matty participates in a Caribana celebration and learns about West Indian culture while visiting Toronto."
Season 3 - Dead Set on Life
"Matty ventures into the everglades under the protection of Shelley Wooten, an eighth-generation Floridian fighting to keep the hardcore culture of the Gladesmen alive."
"Matty catches up with chef, Adam Perry Lang as he plans the opening of his new L.A. restaurant. Together, they enjoy some BBQ, boxing, fishing, knife-making and arson."
"Matty and Master Rang head to Vegas in a Caddy convertible to shoot machine guns, try their luck as cowboys, and uncover the secrets of great prime rib."
"Matty hangs with reformed gangsters, Spanto and 2Tone of Born X Raised, who are two Venice Beach natives fighting to save the spirit of their hometown against gentrification."
"Matty teams up with former soldier turned chef, \"Sniper\" Steve Austin, for a culinary adventure in the deadly outback of Australia's Northern Territory."
"T\u0101 Moko tattoos, mud baths, mussel harvests and a H\u0101ng\u012b cookout. Matty gets the full M\u0101ori experience on New Zealand's North Island with master chef, Morgan McGlone."
"With its posh ice fishing and frozen lake car races, Chef Hayden Johnston tries to convince Matty that his Thunder Bay home is \"The Greatest City in the World.\""